Greeley Estates - Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East (2008)

Año: 2008.
Pais: Phoenix, Arizona.
Website: MySpace.
Genero: Post - Hardcore / Metalcore.
Calidad: 256 kbps (VBR).
Servidor: Mediafire.

01.- Blue Morning.
02.- Go West Young Man.
03.- If We're Going Out, Let's Go Out In Style.
04.- Desperate Times Call For Desperate Housewives.
05.- If She Only Knew.
06.- If I Could Be Frank, You're Ugl.
07.- In The Ashes.
08.- Mother Nature Is A Terrorist.
09.- Let The Evil Go East.
10.- I'll Have To Warn You, This Won't Be Quick.
11.- There's Something Wrong With The World Today.
12.- Keep The Heat On The Dash.
13.- You're Just Somebody I Used To Know.


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