Cradle Of Filth - ľ Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa #Fan Edition (2010)

Año: 2010.
Pais: UK.
Género: Black Metal.
Calidad: 320 kbps.
Servidor: Mediafire.

01.- The Cult Of Venus Aversa.
02.- One Foul Step From The Abyss.
03.- The Nun With The Astral Habit.
04.- Retreat Of The Sacred Heart.
05.- The Persecution Song.
06.- Deceiving Eyes.
07.- Lilith Immaculate.
08.- The Spawn Of Love And War.
09.- Harlot On A Pedestal.
10.- Forgive Me, Father (I Have Sinned).
11.- Beyond Eleventh Hour.
12.- Beast Of Extermination.
13.- Truth & Agony.
14.- Adest Rosa Secreta Eros.
15.- Mistress From The Sucking Pit.
16.- Behind The Jagged Mountains.
17.- The Cult Of Venus Aversa (Demo).
18.- The Nun With The Astral Habit (Demo).
19.- Deceiving Eyes (Demo).


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  1. It was about time you get this album to be downloaded. Hell, a long time it is rolling down the internet, I think you should be quite faster to publish things, don't you think so?


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